I thought, since we haven’t so far, that I should explain what 98 Wounds is!
98 Wounds is a London based fanzine that has been going for over two years now, composed of live music shots and interviews done by photographers who LOVE live music.
You can see the latest issue here:http://issuu.com/98wounds/docs/98woundseightx7/1
Our Girl
1. Our Girl
Based 2/3 in Brighton, Sophie, Lauren and Josh formed Our Girl, named after their song ‘Out Girl’: https://soundcloud.com/weareourgirl
They’re playing tonight (20th) at POWER LUNCHES in London. Both Soph and Lauren have previously been in other bands since a young age, and Lauren also works full time as a music consultant. We interviewed them in the latest issue of ’98 Wounds’ over a jolly nice nice cup of tea.
2. Dolls
Dolls are Bel and Jade, who enjoy playing in this band so much you (I..) can’t help smiling when they’re playing, I guess it rubs off on you somehow! There is a stereotype of bands in London looking at the floor and not saying much when playing, but Dolls chat and laugh with the audience as well as each other before knocking you out with the music.
(I should say that the live shot of Dolls here was taken by Neil – i thought it showed what i was trying to describe perfectly, thanks Neil!)
Taman Shud
3. Taman Shud
Taman Shud are like nothing I’ve heard before. It has been said that the vocalist/drummer sounds like he is shouting from the bottom of a deep well. One of the two bassists, and keyboard player, is Tasha. Going as crazy as the rest of the band during the set.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rie5nal20cM
One of my 5 favourite bands of the last year for sure. Angela is the front lady and guitarist. Combine “Next time iIll play it cool, next time I won’t give it all…” sang angrily, and guitarist Pip in a wedding dress. I dare you..
Normanton Street
5. Normanton Street
The next two bands are prominant in Brighton and are touring around the country too. Normanton Street are smooth with hip hop and jazz vibes. Pheobe has been the vocalist for their last two EP’s. Wooooooooow. “I just really love singing!”
6. Black Honey
I saw Black Honey last month in London, at a DIY magazine ‘new bands’ show. (Both the Virgin Mary and singer/guitarist Izzy were on stage that night.) I remember thinking that it really felt like she was in control of both the band and the audience. As a photographer I try to take photographs of everybody, but at the end realised 95% were of Izzy.. I think ‘compelling’ is a good word.
7. Future Of The Left
Julia is the bassist in FOTL and has previously played in another politically forward band, Million Dead. Both bands have highly outspoken frontmen, but Julia is just as mesmerising onstage. Last October they played a sold out show in London and she was crowd surfing whilst still playing bass. I may want to be her a little bit.
Photography and words by Keira Cullinane
(Live shot of Dolls by Neil Anderson)
This is the third part of the 98 Wounds photo series.

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