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The purpose of the series is simply to create a “pretty” one – finding normal (some fluffy, some stubbly, some shaven, some waxed) girls and finding a comforting honesty in their normality. There’s no right or wrong, only an appealing diversity in different (total) choice in one’s “downstairs” appearance. The series was party inspired by an image on Petra Collins’ Instagram (a cropped photo of her underwear with protruding pubic hair) which resulted in her entire account being shut down. Considering the hundreds of thousands of partially nude women on Instagram, it seems pretty ridiculous that (as shown by the ratio of hairy to smooth girls in my photographs) total baldness is not necessarily the norm, nor that any fluff is widely considered offensive (as Instagram apparently thinks is the case…)

Steph Wilson is a photographer, artist, stylist, CEO of ChinaPig and founding member of Lemon People arts collective. She currently lives in Hackney, and shoots for Dazed and Confused Magazine along with her own personal and freelance photographic work.

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  1. pilgrimhands says:

    A more ethnically diverse group, or older women, or substantially differently sized ones, would not be photographed I am guessing. This is a great starting place then.
    I think these are confident women, which is so good to see! Thank you for this topic and these pics.
    There would be a fear for many women, of exposing their bodies, even to this degree. Perhaps then, these women had to muster some courage to open this debate. Appreciation.

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