“Dark Days and Crazy Times” – A poem to be spoken aloud

Inspired by Kate Tempest’s gig at Concorde 2, Brighton, 10/02/15.


Kate Tempest inspires me

She makes me think, she makes me care

The way she speaks and how it fills the air

Her passion, her drive, her sense of self

Belief is important to maintain good health

Be that mental, physical or whatever

Both matter so much in this adverse weather

The climate of the world is fucked

Social, political, environmental, the lot.


There’s plenty of others who inspire me too

Hundreds, a thousand maybe, but I’ll stick to a few

My mum, my sister, my family and friends

The doctors and nurses and people that mend

I’m inspired by teachers and artists alike

By the women who a century ago chained themselves to spikes

By the people who speak out for those in need

No matter the cost in pursuit of the deed

Those who put their safety on the line

To help the victims of horrendous crimes

We live in a society where we put people to shame

The person who was raped is clearly to blame

The girl was drunk and she wore a short skirt

And the boy looked good in his tight jeans and shirt.


So, with so many inspiring people out there

How can it seem like the world doesn’t care?

Speaking out frequently leads to being trolled

Death threats on the internet, yeah you’ve been told

They wouldn’t be so bad in person I think you’d find

Not knowing or caring of the person behind

‘Back in your place little girl, that’s it stay quiet

God all you women think you’re like Pussy Riot’

‘Oh no, I’m not one them of me,

I love my man, you’re just a feminazi’

You’ll have to excuse me; I don’t mean to be rude

But seriously you’re comparing equality with the slaughter of Jews?


Yeah I’m a feminist but that doesn’t mean I hate men

In fact you know, I love quite a lot of them

And I think really you know that that is the case

It’s just another curse of the human race

To always see the worst in things

To blame and accuse to accept our feelings

Feelings of jealousy and incomprehension

When really you’re just not paying attention

We’re all so insular, look at me!

For Christ’s sake you can buy sticks to help you take a selfie.


Well perhaps if we weren’t so busy taking pics

We’d all notice the things in the world that are pretty sick

And I don’t mean sick like down with the kids

But sick as in the countries who are so off the grid

That they don’t have food to eat or clean drinking water

As the western world steals their nutrition, munching on quinoa.

“These are Dark days and we live in crazy times”

And no I can’t hope to fix it with a few words that rhyme

But maybe, just maybe if we hear a little a more, open our eyes and see

We can all be inspired like Kate Tempest inspired me.


By Charlotte Dearing

Charlotte is a theatre practitioner who trained at Rose Bruford College on the American Theatre Arts degree. She has directed multiple youth theatre productions and produced, wrote and directed her first adult show Nights at the Music Hall for Brighton fringe 2014. This is her first try at Spoken Word Poetry.

Artwork by Georgia Flowers





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