Arrows Of Love

22. Arrows of Love

Nuha and Lyndsey have been important members of Arrows of Love since 2011.  Five piece Arrows of Love have an exciting, and somewhat destructive set. This photo was taken at Truck festival. Lyndsey has recently moved to Berlin (and left the band), but the band are playing a number of shows in March on their way to SXSW.

Anna of Kayvs

23. Kayvs

Anna Helyes plays electric guitar in Kayvs (pronounced caves). Their Facebook sums up their sound: “There’s some unholy mating of a dentist drill, helicopter, and malfunctioning modem that I think used to be called an electric guitar.” Although they have only played a couple of gigs this band genuinely stand out from the crowd. It is difficult to believe that their bedroom demos are just a single guitar and bass  and drums, with no overdubs (or synths or dentist drills). Check them out: https://soundcloud.com/kayvs


24. Anto Dust

Originally from Sardinia, singer Anto Dust played solo gigs around Camden for  a couple of years before forming a shoe-gaze band in 2013.  The band currently also have women on keys and bass. Personnel changes in 2014 led to something of a hiatus, but they returned at the end of the year with the pictured Electrowerkz gig (supporting Lola Colt) and we are expecting to see them gigging again in the spring.


25. Skinny Girl Diet 

I first saw this band when they were at school. More than 3 years later I think they are still teenagers. Faris of the Horrors has included Skinny Girl Diet on the first release on his new label Raft Records, and they will be promoting the release with a gig at Rough Trade next Tuesday.



26. Cauldronated

I first saw Eva playing drums in a two-piece, and she still plays drums in her other band. In Cauldronated she sings whilst Dave Barbarossa (Adam & the Ants, Bow Wow Wow, Elastica) plays the drums. This set up doesn’t quite fit into the usual pigeon holes but they are picking up a fair-sized following. Check them out at http://www.cauldronated.net/


27. Pins

Pins are an all female band from Manchester who are currently on tour – last night they played the Sebright Arms or maybe you saw them in Brighton on Wednesday. They are about to set out on a european tour supporting Sleater-Kinney (London Roundhouse 23rd March)  and then a UK tour with Drenge culminating at the Electric Ballroom on 21st April. They have been been notable for networking with other female  bands such as September Girls or Abjects.


28. Savages

If you are interested in female bands and bands with a significant female presence you must surely be aware of Savages. I saw most of their early London shows. This photo is from Rough Trade where they played in May 2013 on the occasion of their album release.


Words and Photography by Neil Anderson

98 Wounds

This is the final part of the 98 Wounds photo series.



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