Triptych of Sisterhood

new version

By Danielle-Louise Watt

Danielle-Louise Watt is an artist living and working in Peckham, London. Since graduating Kingston University in 2012, Danielle has continued to distinguish herself as an artist. Many aspects of her work and interests are driven by a delight in the female form. Her artwork is a reflection of this. From her sketchbook self-portraits to her large paintings of a mother and child, these are absorbingly unique studies of beauty, diversity and strength.

As well as painting, Danielle has showcased her talents in screen printing and ceramics. Pursuing her fascination with the poetic in the everyday female. Combining people with their environments in the form of a pot or describing the relationship between two lovers through print. These themes of public and private, of connection and love, form a backbone to her extraordinary and touching images.



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