Dear Nanny, on the Eve of Your Passing

Poised by Amy Bassin

When you haunt me, haunt me gently. Remember
me, with perfect hindsight and paranormal
clarity. I’ll do my best to do the same
for you when we see each other in the mirror
every morning. That’s a promise I’ll keep,
unlike thank you notes, Christmas cards, and calls
on your birthdays. I want to say I’m sorry.

The granddaughter I wanted to be
held your bird-fragile hand
while you battled the only monster
that does exist, growing alien and invisible inside
your skin. I wish I had settled your pillows, read fairy tales
by your bedside (and did all the voices), insisted
you eat, helped you to sit for the sunrise,
sang mantras in the end.

It feels like I should have been there,
when you were too worried about your sick old dog
needing to be put down, to die
for yourself, before it got too bad to be borne
with grace. It feels like a hollow in my belly,
ache in every vein. I would have killed
that dog myself to let your leaving move
more smooth toward the quiet between lives.

By Katie Moore

Katie Moore is the founder of a little literary magazine called The Legendary, a coffee shop manager, an Improv actor, and a proud mother. She writes because her life depends on it. Katie comes from the untouched wilderness of Southern Maryland, makes her home in the concrete jungle of Memphis, Tennessee, and plans to someday retire to a certain mountain peak in Appalachia to raise goats and rescue pit bulls.  Her hair is curly, her wit is sharp, and if you need to know more check out


Photography ‘Poised’ by Amy Bassin

I am a fine arts photographer whose 2015 publishing credits include F-Stop Photography Magazine, Columbia University: Journal of Literature and Art, Magnolia Review, Gravel Magazine, Boog City Review, and Three Rooms Press annual Dada anthology, Maintenance 9. My text-based art collaboration with writer Mark Blickley, “Dream Streams,” was featured as an art installation during this past summer’s Fifth Annual NYC Poetry Festival on Governors Island. Selections from my series, “Selfie Fictions,” was included in group exhibitions at Bronx Art Space, NYC and Photographic Center NW, Seattle. I am co-founder of an international artist collective, Urban Dialogues, nine artists across nine cities and five continents collaborate through social media.

More information is available on my website:



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