The Shared Vagina Experience

Statue by LB

The article assures me that the obstetrician mentioned is the same one that

“helped GP with her pregnancies” — GP in this case Gwyneth Paltrow,

she who curates a world of untouchable wealth photographed with such

clean and satisfying lines that one could be forgiven for the fleeting thought

that $1,200 is a fair price to pay for a sweater so beautiful, so comfortable, so perfect…

The appointment with GP’s obstetrician would be one full of silences

I long to fill with all the awkward questions about the shared experience we had.

The central question – what is Gwyneth’s vagina like? Are her labia majora even?

Was she calm and collected staring down labor and possible death to drag her children

from the world of the unseeing to this wholly, economically, imperfect one?

What am I paying for here if not the assurance that my decidedly unfamous uterus

is worth the same care and attention.

By Tiffany Grayson

Tiffany Grayson is a writer, poet, mother, quilter, feminist, and nerd. Her alma mater is the University of Northern Iowa. She has worked for the North American Review and Blood Lotus. You can follow her on twitter @tiffany_grayson.

Photography by Laura Brown
Laura Suzy Brown is a visual artist/image maker working in Brighton and London.


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