98 Wounds Photo Series

Long Teeth
Long Teeth

1. Long Teeth
Long Teeth are feminists Jade, Sam and Al, and are releasing a single on 18th of Femmeuary at The Shacklewell Arms – come along! (fellow Femmeuary band ‘Teenage Caveman’ are also on the bill).
Their single, ‘Famous Girls’, was inspired by male talk at work about leaked celebrity sex tapes, and the unrealistic and empty feelings about these discussions. Jade Ellins plays bass and backing vocals, and is an incredible music teacher, too. As well as Long Teeth, Jade fronts her own band, Dolls, who we featured in Femmeuary last year.

Listen to Long Teeth
Listen to Dolls

Ethical Debating Society
Ethical Debating Society

2. The Ethical Debating Society
Are Tegan, Kris and Eli. The EDS are raw, relatable, down to earth, funny, LOVELY, (See also; “Uncool. Unconnected. Unconventionally attractive.”) They released their album, ‘New Sense’ last year; feed your ears

Listen to The Ethical Debating Society

I first saw this band last September, on a bill of bands that I had never heard of before. The name of the event was ‘Riots Not Diets’, and it introduced me to so many great bands that somehow had escaped my radar. This event had one of the most equal ratios of men to women playing that I have seen, too – I felt sad that this was recognisable, however –
This lead me to search for other promoters, leading me to find LOUD WOMEN in London, who encourage more equal line ups. Which leads me nicely on to:

The Wimmins Institute
The Wimmins Institute

3. The Wimmin’s Institute
“Thank-you for teaching me songwriting, who would have thought words had to rhyme. You know so much about my band, perhaps you should play and I’ll drink my beer?”

The Wimmin’s Institute are Jen, Cassie, Deb and Mel, and are “post-post-riot grrrl, post-feminist, post-Marxist, post-punk rock new wave,” as told by The Morning Star. The album ‘Badass Lady Power Picnic’ (best name) features the girls sharing instruments and covering topics such as ‘Your Mum Hates Me,’ ‘Mansplaining’ and the new album tracks include true stories about what you should not to expect in return for a date to Nandos.

Cassie is also founder of LOUD WOMEN, a night responsible for introducing me to a number of great bands in the last year and focuses on women in music, because, lets face it, it’s not exactly uncommon to go to a night without one female musician. (This is NOT because ‘there aren’t any’). Not only this, but LOUD WOMEN have organised a daytime gig, for those that might wish to bring their younger ones along!

Check out The Wimmin’s Institute

And get involved with LOUD WOMEN


4. Yonaka
Theresa Jarvis is front-lady and second drummer, of Brighton based band Yonaka. This band sound as strong as they are punchy and the energetic live show is no different, with George on guitar, Alex playing bass and keys and Robert behind the drums. Perhaps too often it’s too easy to describe female vocals as simply ‘beautiful’. This vocal, however, punches you in the face, dresses your wound, and devastates you with its intensity; before bandaging it and tying it in a bow. But don’t take my (weird) words for it:

Watch Yonaka

Meat Raffle
Meat Raffle

5. Meatraffle

“Is anyone here a feminist?”
Singer Zsa Zsa Sapian asks at the front of the stage at Meatraffle’s January gig, at The Lock Tavern. Bass Player ‘Cloudy Truffles’ takes the mic, giving her bass to him, and the next song begins.
The album ‘Hi Fi Classics’ released through Trashmouth Records last year is one that if you haven’t heard already, when you do, you’re going to feel upset at having gone through these 8 months without it. The song they then perform is not on the album, and begins with the sound of birds tweeting. The subject for the song is I am not a bird and Claudia owns the stage;
 ‘I’m not being funny, you can call me honey, I don’t lay eggs, I lay in bed‘(!)
Listen to Meatraffle here 

Le Butcherettes
Le Butcherettes
6. Le Butcherettes
Teri Gender-Bender is Le Butcherettes, with drummer Chris Common. The band are from Mexico, where they were noticed for their references to women being slaves, often dressing in bloody aprons onstage. I saw them play London last year, and Teri just commands your attention.
The Potentials
The Potentials
7. The Potentials
I ask you, what could be cooler, than a band playing songs about Buffy the Vampire Slayer?
The Potentials are Holly, Shanaz and Zak, and at their shows you can expect to debate how much of a dick Riley really was, what an absolute hero Anya is and of course, how Buffy saved the world; a lot.
Joss Whedon has created some fabulous female characters in his shows and to this day, I still adore Buffy. Even Amber Benson (Tara) is a fan.
Photography and words by Keira Cullinane.
Keira takes photographs for photo fanzine 98 Wounds.

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