98 Wounds Photo Series Part 2


08 Hero Fisher

I first saw Hero Fisher and her band at ‘Camden Rocks’ in 2014. It was something of an accident as I had chosen to spend some time in Dingwalls because it had air-conditioning on a hot day. I was quite impressed, but in 2015 she did a series of stripped back gigs to support the release of her album ‘Delivery’, and revealed herself to be a really outstanding talent.

I particularly like this recent video, but do check out her Facebook and the album


09 Ghost Car

Half of this all female band are Spanish. I think they sum themselves up better than I could.

“Our sound is completely how we are, easy but distorted guitar, sweet piano melodies, sexy beating bass and crazy drums, we are lo-fi, crazy sweet girls who love dance 60’s music and go to punk and indie gigs”

Ghost Car Facebook


10 Nova Twins

Nova Twins are Georgia and Amy- on live shows they are joined by a drummer. They describe themselves as, “Sistas in sonic mayhem, killer bass lines and nail you to the wall hooks.” Amy (vocals/guitar) and Georgia (bass/backing vocals) like to write tunes, play shows, wear custom made clothes and stack heels – all at the same time. Georgia’s thunderous bass and unique combination of FX pedals underpins Amy’s urbane lyrics and unique rockin’ yowl. Theirs is rifftastic music – serious girl power motivation.

Nova Twins Facebook


11 Beds In Parks

Joanna Curwood has several current and past projects (some of which you have probably heard of). I particularly like her project with Hatcham Social drummer, Finn. Beds in Parks are also a two-piece with a drummer for live shows. Their sound has a Velvet Underground vibe. You can read a full interview with Joanna and Finn in the current issue of 98 Wounds

Beds In Parks Facebook


12 The Tuts

The Tuts are an all female three-piece DIY band. They are openly hostile to the male hegemony and misogyny of the music industry. The Tuts have recently finished touring with The Selector and launched a pledge campaign to record an album . They were interviewed in 98 Wounds Issue 5 and are mentioned in this month’s Teen Vogue.

See them confront Boris Johnson during the 2015 election here

The Tuts Facebook


13 Leave The Planet

Nathalia Bruno is in Leave the Planet (another two-piece with live drummer) and has also  recently resurrected her solo project DRIFT. Leave The Planet were featured in 98 Wounds Issue 9 where we said,  “Jack Milwaukee on guitar duties and Nathalie Bruno on guitar, synths, and vox fill the ears with exquisite pop hooks, treated and buried until they become practically otherworldly. The crisp beats and floaty vocals bring to mind Cocteau Twins and their productions’ starry density echoes, My Bloody Valentine or Ride, but their sound is undoubtedly all their own. ”

Leave the Planet Facebook

DRIFT Facebook


14 Dream Wife

Dream Wife are something of a marmite band. Everyone that I know (this is an exaggeration) loves them or hates them. I regard this as a good thing as the greatest enemy of any art is mediocrity. The music industry is full of mediocrity, encouraged by the major labels who turn good bands into dull bands so that boring people will buy their boring music. But Dream Wife… I love them (although I don’t actually like Marmite), so give them a listen and take the taste test. Whatever your view you have to acknowledge that they cite great influences: David Lynch’s Women – “Beautiful, powerful and seriously fucked up'”

Dream Wife Facebook


Words and Photography by Neil Anderson at 98 Wounds


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