98 Wounds Photo Series Part 4

For the last week of Femmuary we have selected some excellent international female artists who we have been lucky to see and photograph in London.


22 Hinds

A young Spanish band who I first saw when they toured here as Deers in 2014, just before they changed their name. Their recent album has received a lot of promotion and they seem to have found pretty decent support in this country judging by the line for signed albums at Rough Trade. Their main attraction is their joy at playing music and general enthusiasm in a cynical business.

Hinds’ Facebook

Cannery Terror
Cannery Terror

23 Cannery Terror

Cannery Terror are from Paris. They are influenced by the Californian garage scene. I can’t find much about them that I can understand, using Google translate produced gibberish. I saw them by chance on the last date of their brief UK tour at the end of 2015.

Cannery Terror’s Facebook


24 Prison

They describe themselves as ‘a Queer feminist migrant synth-wave band from Copenhagen, Denmark.’ I saw them at Power Lunches where they were promoting their self-titled album (which had not shipped in time for them to have copies on tour, but they sold me a voucher and posted it to me from Denmark).

Prison’s Facebook

Cherry Glazerr
Cherry Glazerr

25 Cherry Glazzerr

Cherry Glazerr are a 4 piece from LA. Guitarist and vocalist Clem Creevy started the band back in 2012. When they played two sold out shows in London there seemed to be 3 of them. Yves Saint Laurent’s creative director Hedi Slimane invited the band to play a show in Paris, and their song “Trick or Treat Dancefloor” was used in the company’s ad campaign. This seems to explain the size and youth of the crowd at their London shows.

Cherry Glazerr’s Facebook

La Luz
La Luz

26 La Luz

La Luz are a four-piece female band from Seattle. They describe their sound as ‘surf, doo-wop’.
They take the surfing bit seriously: at Hoxton Bar and Kitchen, drummer Marian asks for a volunteer from the audience to play drums whilst she crowd surfs…….

La Luz’s Facebook

Sunflower Bean
Sunflower Bean

27 Sunflower Bean

Sunflower Bean are a three-piece from New York who have recently finished a UK tour to promote the release of their first album ‘Human Ceremony’. I first saw them at the Alternative Great Escape last year. From their description on Facebook: ‘Julia Cumming (vox/bass), Nick Kivlen (vox/guitar), and Jacob Faber (drums), draw from a wealth of rugged lo-fi sounds, adapting the heroic charisma of VU psychedelia and Black Sabbath’s dark rock to fit their own generation’s drowsy ethos.’

Sunflower Bean’s Facebook

Dolores Haze
Dolores Haze

28 Dolores Haze

Dolores Haze are from Stockholm they describe themselves as, ‘infamous and highly overrated Stockholm-based noise rock band.’ Dolores Haze is the real name of Nabokov’s Lolita (if a fictional character can have a real name). The Guardian said, ‘These Swedish riot grrrls are likely to shout all the way to the bank with their disarming brand of anthemic punk-pop’

Dolores Haze’s Facebook

Photography and words by Neil Anderson of 98 Wounds 

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