Mother Earth
Mother Earth


after James Hearst

It is Mother’s Day and I will mother.

Growing from me through the ribbon

of nutrient rich blood,

the transient organ I grew for you.

Irises like depression glass

under fully formed lids,

eye daughter

fearless child,

climbing, babbling growing good.


For necessity is the mother of invention,

and juniper the mother of gin,

I am the mother of the tiny head,

the author of the mouth turning to nurse

dividing makes new cells,

cells make new humans,

humanity as chronic condition.

Mortality the bill owed for birth,

bestowed like blessing and curse.


I am a mother; I will knit the stars together

give her fingers with wrinkles drawn on for effect.

I, as mother-noun, as mother-verb, gift this body.


By Tiffany Grayson


Tiffany Grayson is a writer, poet, mother, quilter, feminist, and nerd. Her alma mater is the University of Northern Iowa. She has worked for the North American Review and Blood Lotus. You can follow her on twitter @tiffany_grayson.
Photography by Edurne Iriondo
My name is Edurne Iriondo, born in Madrid.  I am a Brighton based Photographer and visual artist working across analogue and digital disciplines.  My work encompasses an exploration of mysticism through the interaction between subject and light.  My work is split into two areas that being a visual diary that I have been updating and adding to for the last 10 years and site specific shoots that must intertwine with the energetic signature of the subject.


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